Roofing business website case study


An updated website can significantly improve your business

When it comes to standing out above your competitors and helping people find your business, a professionally designed business website will make all the difference. In our current digital age, websites are a must have for almost all business owners. On your business website, you will be able to showcase your services or products, inform your audience on what you do, highlight testimonials and reviews, sell products, and help potential customers get in touch with you. In order to optimize your website, however, you will want to make sure you find a professional website design company to help you stand out. At Ocon Creative, we create top-of-the-line business websites in Tampa, FL and all throughout the country to help small business owners get noticed and increase their bottom line.

A Deeper Look at Stay Dry Roofing

Stay Dry Roofing is a roofing contractor company based in Tampa, FL. The company has a lot to offer their clients, both residential homeowners and commercial business owners, but their old website did not reflect their services or brand. The Florida area is also a highly competitive market for roofing contractors, so being able to showcase their services better and show up higher on Google searches was important to Stay Dry Roofing. They contacted Ocon Creative to build them a brand new business website that included professional design, copywriting, SEO, branding, and performance improvements.

Website Design and Strategy

For Stay Dry Roofing, their goal was to evenly highlight both their residential and commercial services, as well as inform website visitors about their unique qualifications and skill sets. The process began with an in-depth consultation and discussion with the owner about the company, its goals, services, and approach to business. This consultation allows the team at Ocon Creative to provide a truly unique and brand strategy as well as customize their new business website to reflect Stay Dry Roofing’s needs.

The design of the website is relatively simple, with an easy to use navigation bar across the top. This showcases all their services with drop down menus for easy access. Throughout the website pages, call to action forms were placed in strategic locations to capture prospective leads who visit the website. These forms provide value information to Stay Dry Roofing and allow them to follow up with leads in order to get more sales. Additionally, click to call buttons were added to make contacting easy while browsing on mobile.

The new website was also designed to be responsive, meaning it adjusts to whatever screen size a visitor is using. This responsiveness makes the Stay Dry Roofing website mobile optimized since more and more people are doing their web searches from the convenience of their cell phones. Without this design strategy built in, websites tend to look clunky and hard to navigate when viewed on smaller screens. Additional features of the website include:

  • Real Google review integration
  • Google maps
  • Click to call features
  • Social media sharing
  • Large photo gallery
  • Lead gathering forms

Professional Copywriting and SEO

To go along with the design and strategy of the website, Ocon Creative created custom content for every page of the website. Having unique copy helps websites stand out during Google searches and rank higher as they are identified as having valuable information for consumers. The written content is also unique to Stay Dry Roofing, capturing their specific company goals, certifications, and history. You won’t find this exact same content anywhere else, but on Stay Dry Roofing’s website. You won’t find this exact same content anywhere else, but on Stay Dry Roofing’s website.

The website and content also implemented SEO (search engine optimization) to help it rank on Google. This is a crucial step for every business website, as without a sound SEO strategy, Google may never identify the website as being relevant for search results. Each individual web page has unique keywords that are highly searched for Stay Dry Roofing’s industry and are professionally written into the content as well as coded into the back end of the website pages.

Website Performance

When it comes to website performance, speed and accuracy matter. This is always taken into account at Ocon Creative and we try to get every business website at or above industry standards. The Stay Dry Roofing website gets a performance ranking on conversion of 4.5% which is over double the industry average of 2.5%! The things that impact this rating are how fast the website loads, how smooth the website is to navigate and scroll through, and if there are any broken links. For Stay Dry Roofing, their website performance is through the roof!

Get the Best for Your Business

You owe it to yourself and your business to have the best website to showcase your services or products. Contact Ocon Creative today to schedule a consultation to discuss your new business website and impress customers and competitors alike!


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